Soup Cleanse 1-5 Day - Vegetable Based Juice

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What is a Soup & Juice Detox?

Our Soup & Juice detox is an easier way to cleanse. It provides 2 soups per day plus 3 juices. Our customers say the soups offer a very welcome warm meal at 2 points within the day. The juices in this package are from our "standard" juice ranges, please see "Soup & Fruit" packages for fruit based juice. Please see images for further nutrition and ingredients information.

Why choose a Fuel Station Juice Cleanse?

The UK's best selling, juice cleanse! If you are looking to kick start a healthier lifestyle, then a juice cleanse is perfect for you. Enjoy our tasty cold-pressed juices for the next couple of days and reap the huge rewards in just a few days. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see our customers reviews and testimonials.

Our standard packages are made up of more vegetable than fruit. Therefore they contain less natural sugar as the fruit content is lower. These are our most popular and most effective plans. Please see images to see more nutritional information and ingredients for each juice.



Inspired by juice pioneers Jason Vale and Joe The Juicer. Consisting of 4 juices per day (scroll down for ingredients). Our 3 Day Detox has been designed by UK leading Nutrition Professionals to ensure as much nutrients as possible are lovingly packed into every juice! No pasteurisation. Just fresh, RAW, natural Juice for the perfect 3 day juice cleanse. We produce our juice to order and send on the same day (weekdays) all over the UK and USA, to ensure the juices are as fresh and nutrient packed as can be. You won't find fresher!

*Weight loss is based on previous customers results. Results may vary based on individuals. Weight loss is not guaranteed*

Our juices are delivered in a chilled box with ice packs. Choose your preferred delivery day at checkout. You must be available to accept your delivery on the delivery date.

We deliver Tuesday - Friday. Orders received before 10am on the day of dispatch will be delivered the next day. Orders received after 10am will be delivered on the next working day. Please note any orders placed on a weekend will be delivered Tuesday (if ordered before 10am on Sunday) unless you choose an alternative delivery date. 

If you would like to start Monday morning we recommend having your cleanse delivered on Friday so it is ready to start on Monday.

The correct delivery fee must be chosen when completing the order.

Our juices are delivered in a single delivery. The juices have been through a chilled process which locks in nutrients and keeps them fresh for the period of the cleanse. Juices need to be placed into a freezer immediately on arrival and then taken out to defrost 12 hours before (the night before) needing to consume them.

We only use grade A - high quality fruit and vegetables. All juices are made in house using a Cold-Press juicer. Ingredients for each juice listed below. 

Super Green

  • kale
  • cucumber
  • apple
  • lemon

Carrot Spice

  • carrot
  • ginger
  • red apple
  • spinach

Beet Boost

  • beetroot
  • red apple
  • cucumber
  • carrot
  • tenderstem broccoli

Green Phyto Soup

  • green pea
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • spinach
  • mint
  • kale

Red Vita Soup

  • tomatoes
  • red peppers
  • garlic
  • onion
  • canellini beans